Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Some things never change

Why why why is it that being guildless in an MMORPG has such bad press??

Let's talk about guild benefits.  Perks such as shorter cooldown on Soul Recall / Hearthstone, and more experience as you level, are undoubtably nice to have.  But they are by no means essential.

If you join a random *new* guild, you aren't going to know anybody. They don't have any credentials. So why is being in a guild preferable to picking up people in the general or level channels this early on? Seriously.

As far as I can tell, all a guild does for you at the moment is herd you into a bunch of people who may or may not be witty and intelligent, who may or may not have a toon your level.  So why bother?

And why is the attitude that if you're not in a guild you're a shit player so prevalant?

Case in point:

Rub to make it get bigger...  possibly
I was labelled a troll for daring to speak out against the necessity of being guilded.

As the Vixenette says.. rule of thumb. If you aren't in a guild there is something clearly wrong with you.

Well, here stands I, guildless, by choice.

In a new game, I am more likely to judge the guilded by the unguilded.  I would suggest the guildless in a new game have more sense than to leap into bed with the first hot chick that winks at them....

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